New Pallets and Wooden Crates in Perth

For all your pallet and crate needs!

Get top-quality wooden crates in Perth from Pallet Works. Instead of relying on old worn-out crates, choose our new crates to keep your materials safe. Along with offering standard new crates, we custom-make crates that fit your exact specifications. Our prices are incredibly competitive, so call us today!

Stacked new crates at our facility in Perth

New Pallets and skids

Do you need new pallets, skids, plastic pallets or timber gluts? Trust us to offer products that meet all Australian export standards. If our standard pallets and skids don’t fit your unique needs, talk to us about our custom designs. We’ll create a personalized product out of any material, including hardwood, pine and plastic.

Storage warehouse

Packing and storage

Along with our new wooden pallets and crates, we sell used timber and plastic pallets at a discounted price. Regardless of the pallet or crate type you choose, including whether or not it’s new or used, you can look forward to a durable and long-lasting product. We’re confident we have a product that fits both your business’s expectations and budget.

delivery service

Pickup and delivery

When you work with us, you never have to worry about the quality of our products or the timeliness of our delivery. We always arrive on time, and our products will always reach you in a pristine, undamaged condition. Call us on (08) 9527 1899 to ask about our deliveries and products or schedule a drop-off. We act according to your timetable, so tell us which delivery time is most convenient for your schedule. 


Pallet Works provides a large range of reconditioned second hand pallets to the Perth metro area. These include pine, hardwood and plastic in a variety of sizes to meet your requirements.