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Crate and Pallet Suppliers in Perth

New, used, reconditioned and custom made pallets and crates

Pallet Works manufactures and supplies standard and custom made pallets, skids and crates for every need.

Pallet Works is renouned for its quallity and service it provides which makes them the go to for pallet suppliers in Perth. We also supply reconditioned second hand pallets and skids that are guaranteed to be as robust and durable as new ones! at half the price which comply with export industry standards.

Our delivery and removal service ensures that your order will arrive on time, in top condition and be removed at your convenience.

Talk to our expert team members and get a quote by calling (08) 9527 1899 today.

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We keep our prices competitive and our service at the highest standard so we will remain the number one supplier in the industry.

  • Pallet and skid supply
  • Pine and hardwood materials
  • New and used timber and plastic pallets
  • Pine and hardwood gluts
  • Wooden crates
  • Heat treated for export
  • Delivery and removal
  • Buy and sell

You can’t get more reliable products than at Pallet Works, we guarantee it!

We can even pick up your old pallets and skids, recondition them and return them in no time!

About us

We only use top quality materials to assemble our products. Pallet Works uses industry best practices and complies with industry standards. We aim to provide a consistent service that meet your needs, along with durable products you can rely on. 

Our expert team can help you find the perfect solution, whether you are looking for a cost effective new pallet or reconditioned pallet or skid made to your unique specifications. We have all the experience and knowledge required to ensure you get exactly what you need. When you need a pallet and crate expert, contact us.